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Overflowing bins are an all too common experience in our environment and work spaces. That’s why waste management is an important consideration for all businesses. As a waste management company, we provide customised and hassle-free waste services so you can continue business in a clean and sanitised environment. Our waste management services incorporate the whole life-cycle of waste; from having the correct bins in your environment, safe removal of waste, and transportation for disposal or recycling.   

At SALVIS, we provide private rubbish collection solutions which will be customised to your business, needs and budget. We will work closely with you to have an understanding of your waste requirements, ensuring that your business can operate in an optimal and clean environment. Our custom waste management services mean that we can assist businesses of all sizes and all situations; from ongoing waste management to one-off projects. Whether your business produces small amounts of waste, to large collections, we can cater to your requirements through a variety of bin sizes and options including: 

  • Wheelie bins 
  • Dumpster bins 
  • Bulk bins

We also provide recycling services. We know the importance placed on recycling products and making sure they are treated in an environmentally friendly way. Having a Corporate Value focused on the environment and continuously looking for innovative ways to comply with environmental regulatory obligations means your recycling is in trusted hands. Our services mean that you will have transparency over where your recycling is treated so you know your business is minimising its impact on the planet while also adhering to a commitment to environmental sustainability. Our commercial recycling services have been made easy with colour coded bins for green waste collection, cardboard, office paper and commingled recycling. 

To ensure your business is managing waste in a safe and environmental way, contact SALVIS to get your quote today.

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