Retail Cleaning Moorabbin, Moorabbin Homemaker Centre

Retail Cleaning Moorabbin, Moorabbin Homemaker Centre

The Moorabin Homemaker Centre is a retail outlet that is conveniently located at 970 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin VIC 3189. Salvis Cleaning services have cleaned this site for several years. Part of our duties includes keeping their floors ‘spick and span’ with our floor scrubbing and buffing service.

A bit about the Moorabbin Homemakers Centre

Because the Moorabbin Homemakers Centre is made up of major furniture and appliance retailers, it has become a popular hub for many shoppers, meaning that the floor is being constantly tread upon.

Retail Cleaning Moorabbin - Clean Floors

To combat this, the Moorabbin Homemakers Centre knew that they had to find a cleaning service provider that could implement a successful floor maintenance program for them. So they contacted us. By using our retail cleaning services in Moorabbin they could rest assured that their worn and torn concrete floors would be fully restored in no time.

Since being contacted, Salvis Cleaning have provided the centre with a high level of continued support and maintenance by using the latest equipment and cleaning standards.

How we restore/maintain the Moorabbin Homemakers Centre’s flooring

Our floor restoration/maintenance process begins with prepping the floor. We then use our scrubber and cleaning solution to remove the damaged top layers of the floors finish. We follow this up by buffing in a new layer of finishing liquid onto the top of the freshly scrubbed floor with our single disc buffer.

When we are finished the Moorabbin Homemakers Centre’s floors look as if they have never been walked on.

Retail Cleaning Moorabbin - Worker Cleaning Floors

All of the floor scrubbing is completed “after hours”, to make certain that we are not disrupting the tenants or customers alike. Our retail cleaning Moorabbin professionals are always committed to working around the needs of our clients.

For all retail cleaning enquiries don’t hesitate to contact Salvis Cleaning for a free quote. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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