We offer a fully customised solution for all your corporate cleaning needs and pride ourselves in our reputation for delivering a level of excellence without compromise.

Our cleaning solutions are custom built based on client’s requirements, level of risk, budget and the environment. Our service delivery is highly personalised allowing us to get an intimate understanding of the business and it’s holistic cleaning needs. This includes appropriate cleaning frequency and ongoing consultation in finding new ways to increase cleaning standards, or suggest new methods which provides superior value.

Corporate Values

At SALVIS, we define our corporate identity by the commitments we’ve made to our People, Safety, the Environment and the Community. In all areas of our operation, we hold these commitments to heart and keep ourselves accountable at all levels of the business.


As a service provider, our people are our number one asset. It’s for that reason we provide our employees with a safe working environment, continued training and education, equal opportunity, and career development. Thanks to their hard work and commitment, we are able to provide you with a superior service with happy and engaged staff committed to excellence.


SALVIS is committed to protecting the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees and customers. The health and safety of our staff and customers is of paramount importance.


We care for the environment and want to protect and preserve it for future generations. At SALVIS, we are continually investigating new ways in which we can continue to prevent & reduce pollutants, comply with environmental regulatory obligations, and engage with internal & external stakeholders to increase awareness and effect change.


We actively engage our communities, customers and suppliers with the aim to identify opportunities to give back. We are always open to partnerships that align and complement our corporate beliefs and identity.

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Contact us or give us a call on 03 8686 9115 to discover how we can help.

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